When do you get 3 levels per level?

My friend is getting 3 levels when he levels up, but I'm not. I'm level 45, is it a certain level?

Also, on my BaM, dark chain isn't sucking in the enemies.. why not?

December 3, 2015

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I'm level 41 and I can't find this quest anywhere...

Reply December 3, 2015

@ecjwz: My friend's mobbing skill isn't working either, so I'm not sure what's wrong

Reply December 3, 2015

wtf is this 3 level thing. just leveled from 63-66 and then 66-69

Reply December 3, 2015

@kevqn: np. hm must be someone else sorry. Also your dark chain should be working... but i dont play BaM. they mightve changed it be sure to check the description of the skill

Reply December 3, 2015

@ecjwz: Thanks! Also, no. I never made a big deal about quitting because I just slowly stopped playing

Reply December 3, 2015

Sizzling Santa
December 2 - December 30

Requirement: Lv. 33 or above

Happyville is holding a Santa Contest and you are being asked by Santa Paul to cover for him.
Help Louie recruit a team to build your Santaness and compete in the Santa Contest.
With this event, a new type of Burning Character will be available.
Accept the quest '[Sizzling Santa] The Grand Santa Contest' from the Santa Hat event notifier on the character that has the Burning Effect
The Burning Effect will be available for characters Lv. 33 - 150.
Recruit Elves and Reindeer to turn into the best Santa you can be.
Speak to Louie and the helpers to receive daily rewards for all your hard work.
Participate in Santa's Mission to get better rewards from all the workers.
Santa's Mission Dungeons can be entered a total of 3 times per day.

So burning starts at level 33 which means it should be in your quest or event list
the name is "sizzling santa"

BTW didnt you make a scene when you quit a few years ago

Reply December 3, 2015