Moon bunnies or Poison Jiangshi

i'm a level 152 bishop and i can't really decided which place is better to train at, which one of these would you prefer or is there another place i should be training from 152-165? i also finished all my DIPQ runs so that's out of the question. thanks for helping.

July 27, 2016

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I haven't played actively since Reboot patch, but @readers aren't Moon Bunnies only level 130? Why would you train there higher than that.

Reply July 28, 2016

In a vacuum without burning fields, I personally like Moon Bunnies still, considering the heavy spawn and flat layout.

But with burning fields, the EXP rates are more variable, so I would experiment and try which ones are better. Whether it be Poison Jiangshi, or Pirates in Herb Town as suggested earlier. It's hard to say depending on how much damage your bishop can do, depending also on how much % is the burning field, and your playing style (do you prefer to sit in one area, or do you not mind moving around a much bigger map?).

I think once you hit 160+, you should look into Road to Oblivion 4.

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Poison Jiangshi or Showa Bains if you're strong enough and can kish glitch the map/have active kish. I'd even pick Herb Town pirates over moon bunnies since the maps are burning.

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