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Kaiser Vs. Angelic B Can you guys tell me the Pro's and Con's for Kaiser and Angelic B. At first I wanted to make a Kaiser because it looks so cool but then i saw videos about AB then i was debating which to make. I dont really care about the OP in AB, the only concern I have is that it's gender locked and pirate items alone are hard to get and to make matters worst it has to be female. Anyway I like class that can hit at a decent range and mob at same time, I also like 1vs1 skill that does decent or better damage. Which should I get. And I can fund both of them. Probably more than 130% STR/DEX and after I get either one to 200, I will continue the same class type job so 200 AB = Bucc/Sair later on and 200 Kaiser = Any Warrior later on.