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General Mage

What to upgrade? I'm going to be playing on my bishop now. It was hacked long time ago and has few items in but I'm ganna put atleast 10b by end of this week. I have almost nothing but a lvl 110 dragon staff (100%'ed cheap scroll) which is like 134 m.atk. other than that I've got nothing. What set should I get, items, accessories and so on. Its level 155 with nothing; I just got 8 link mules to 70 and now aiming for 120 a day. thanks I also got this pharon belt 4m.atk 2 slots, wonder if i should unique it with pot scrolls Hat: 6% int devil horn Badge: nothing Face: nothing Eye: nothing Medal: tots master of all... Cape: nothing Glove: nothing Overall: sauna lol Belt: pharon belt Shoe: nothing Pendent(s): nothing Ring(s): lilin ring Shield: