Coming back to maple, should i make an fp mage in reboot?

So im coming back to maple after a while and i plan on coming to reboot. I was wondering if fp mages are good. Their playstyle seems interesting with the dots and stacks, but i hear they got nerfed a while ago (long time ago, but after i had stopped playing).I was wondering how their mobbing/bossing is?

Also i was wondering what other classes there are with a teleport (rather than double jump) spell there are. I dont really want to make an evan, and i dont want to make an I/L because my friend is making one with me. Im not sure if there are any more classes with a teleport spell, and if there are, how do they compare to f/p in mobbing/bossing?

February 26, 2017

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Play what you think sounds interesting. Things get nerfed and buffed with every major update all the time anyways

For those with teleport skills, there's Luminous and Kanna for starters. Luminous historically has never been great at bossing, though their mobbing still remains relatively top notch among all classes. A bit slow at attacking however, plus its mobility has been heavily nerfed as of recent. Kanna is more of a support class like Bishop. As a Kanna, you're basically a Kishin supplier to others.

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