Time to start putting the quotCorequot in Corsair

Dumb wordplay aside, what are all of you aiming to use as your V Skill enhance Cores? I haven't boosted anything yet but I am currently considering the following focuses.

*Eight-Legs Easton
*Broadside/Nautilus Strike
*Ugly Bomb

*Rapid Fire
*Majestic Presence

What are all of you aiming for?
After looking at the system and corsair's skills, I have come up with what I believe to be the best (and pretty well-organized) skill cores to aim for. There are Nine skills of interest divided into three groups. Bossing, Mobbing, and Summons.

*Rapid Fire
*Majestic Presence

*Eight-Legs Easton
*Nautilus Strike
*Ugly Bomb

*All Aboard

The main idea will be to try to get all three triplet cores for each of these groups (each has one of the three skills as its core skill with prefixes from the other two skills, (Example: Suckered Summoning Broadside). Keeping the skill cores grouped up like this should help out a lot for keeping cores organized and being able to swap them out when needed.

PS: When equipping cores, the "Summons" Category should be treated as a low-priority group. If you don't have spare slots to use for them, then do not equip them.

December 17, 2016

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I only have 7 slots right now, so at the moment mine looks like this

Bullet Shindig
Loaded dice
Majestic presence
Rapid fire
Head shot
Ugly bomb
Nautilus strike

still not sure what the best combo of cores to use would be~

but with the lack of nodestones...I have no idea how theyre all getting maxes >.>

I have yet to get a perfect trifecta of cores sadly .__. still trying

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