Marvel prices in FM

Will everything increase or decrease in price?

December 2, 2016

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@fradddd: There are other factors that determine the market besides just sellers. The other sources are events on maplestory and hacker activity. Events on maplestory have the biggest impact.

To answer your question, sellers don't always create items. Certain sellers do, but not all of them. Other sources of item creation would be hackers and Nexon themselves.

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@wall I was thinking of instances where the seller puts an item on sale that is always in high demand anyway, such as milk at a grocery store.

Do sellers sometimes purposefully create a surplus at certain times?

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I've taken econ once and I've learned about "supply and demand" about twice in two different classes, but it still confuses me sometimes.

So if the supply is high, demand would be low, so then prices would be low, right?
And in that case, why isn't it "supply and price"?
And what about when there is a sale on something this IS in high demand (not talking about Maple as much)? Is it on sale BECAUSE it's in high demand, and they know they can afford to lower the price because they know they'll sell a lot of it anyway, or instead because it happens to be in high demand AND high supply?

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Supply and demand. More supply > less demand

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