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HELP health advice Hey guys! I need your advice here. Recently, pimples started to form on my head, and I've tried to do everything that google tells me to do. i.e. Have good hygiene, wash frequently, sleep early etc. However, none of this seems to help and I'm not sure, but it seems to be getting worse. My buds are always making jokes about it, but i don't really care though. However, if anyone has some past experience and can share some things I could do to treat (which is not widely used/out of the ordinary) and get rid of it, please leave a comment below. Please don't be a jerk and troll, for your immature children out there. Thanks~ Jim

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halp peeple of basil! hi every1 in basil i need some help coz today a girl -i liked her long ago and she likes me i think- at the library saw each other. we sat down for a chat and we talked weird things we do and i really luv her so i wanrted to kiss her and as i was going to go for it she say she eats her boogar sometimes and when she was small she tried her own diarrea -the poo stuff- should i like her anymore coz its disgusting and i dont like it coz i dont do that disgusting things halp basil! what shold i do?tell her she should change or somfing?