just a regular solo run nothing special just wanted to test how recording would work with the jump attacking from night walker.... (it lags like crazy for me.)

The night walkers just a secondary character for me with mid-tier funding, i'm shocked with how much dmg it puts out with only 15k stats.
Besides weapon/emblem/secondary no NX cubing has been done yet got all gear to unique with boss cube drops, will cube during next MT to hopefully keep
this funded after nerf.

Hope the video isnt too long and boring

September 25, 2015

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Could you post a picture of emblem/secondary/claw? and stat screen? I would really really appreciate it. You can message me in pm as well, I'm extremely curious to see how much better they are than what I'm hoping to use

Reply September 29, 2015

Not bad! thanks for posting

Reply September 25, 2015