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So hey - it's probably been about 6 years since I've last logged in. What've I missed? What should I do first?

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Wow, I have been playing MapleStory quite a lot and thought about this old forum and glad I saw an update from you. I would say, take advantage of the Hotel Event that is currently happening in the game and make extreme use of the Auction House.
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mrbasil @JLHeart welcome back! What's the Hotel Event all about?
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JLHeart @mrbasil it's an event celebrating Maplestory's birthday! In the event you can level up extremely quickly, buy items to enhance your equipment and character in general, get cute clothing items, afk and earn exp, and so much more. I highly recommend watching a video on it or at least, joining a guild on your server!
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mrbasil @JLHeart oh ok, thank you for breaking it down for me. That DOES sound pretty fun!
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you should check out the in game auction house xD
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