Commitment Ceremony Glitches Fixed?

My hubby and I are about to reach the 30 day commitment ceremony and I've been wondering- has the thing with you being unable to receive the rings been fixed? are there any more bugs in that event?

Also, besides the rings that you got from the wedding itself- was there something new I was supposed to fetch/ complete after the wedding? Saw some people talking about some loveseats.

June 4, 2015

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Alright, thanks! [sorry for the late bump]

Reply June 10, 2015

yes you get loveseat chairs (basically amorian chairs just reworded) and heart teleport rocks that tele you to your other half.
i forgot what you get for the 90 day, pretty sure it was an expiring heart cash shop ring and more heart tele rocks

Reply June 4, 2015