Moving back to Scania again

Need to merch up there again to get grab all them collectibles for the upcoming world transfer.
#Lunar Gloves
#Ink Wash set (about 10 sets)
#Stone Shield
#Android Set
#Muay Thai String

October 17, 2015

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Maple isn't exactly big on self contained positives...insofar as a stand alone game needs to be.

The obvious fact that it's the only option you have in the 2d realm isn't much of a selling you're left with the only other claim Maple has to its name (which as we've established isn't 'game')...and that's community.

Maple has a huge community and, 2d aside, that's still not what makes Maple what it is...Maple's community is a really interesting one tho, and here's why and how it's unique compared to every other mmo out there:

Maplestory works out exceedingly well, by and large, for both genders. More so for females. But that adds a whole dynamic many ppl, prolly Nexon themselves, totally overlook: the fact that girls make up a large percent of the player base...and thus colour the in game experience for everyone directly opposite virtually every single other game out there. Even in games with a decent player base of girls still largely do so at the expense of their female player base by playing moreso to the male side of that same base. That's in everything from masculine storylines, masculine graphics, etc. Girl join and play bc they don't really have much alternative.

Maplestory is the only alternative...and due to its niche fan base of asians l> 2d side scrolling doesn't really play into its favour. At least not as numbers are concerned.

But in community the player base of girls, not just gamer girls but also girls that just think the game is cute - and that's literally the only thing they care about before deciding to play.

That adds a huge dynamic to the game and its community. Nearly as many girls of that style are playing the game as there are guys that just like gaming.

Think about effect it makes the game less competitive, at least as seen in other shifts the value towards other qualities which also impact the player base and thus the community of the players itself.

So yeah. What I'm trying to say is that I think you should be cautious about thinking an unpopulated world is such a good idea for you. Seems like most people are fleeing them for the Scania/Broa/Windia since there's no community and thus no game.

** TL ; DR --> Don't bother. The main reason I talk in essays is because I'm attempting to present an argument and I'd rather just say what I mean, clarify and then qualify it, and present it like that as a stand alone whole. seems like ppl here would rather come to their understanding of the OP's point by time consuming discussion between the OP and other people responding (typically in the form of arguing the merit of the OP's entire point. That give and take is what I try to cut out by saying what I mean, addressing arguments that I anticipate developing and just get it all done in one go in the first post. So meh.)

My key mistake seems to be the incorrect assumption that people are smart enough to know what's worth their time and therefore worth reading. Instead people seem to be at their wits end by just trying to wrap their mind around a post AND WHETHER THEY SHOULD READ THE WHOLE THING OR NOT, AND IF NOT - SPECIFICALLY HOW MUCH EXACTLY. I'm sorry so much is beyond the grasp of so many people. It's sad, I know. But seriously...if you need a TL;DR then you were probably in over your head with life the second you thought such a thing held merit whatsoever without asking your adult first. If a text requires an entire section all its own, it does so because it somehow standardizes some approach to understanding the whole mess that hasn't already been presented neatly, concisely and in a reasonably clear form...normally as dictated by each sections purpose and the final sum of their individual parts! TL;DR isn't there because it doesn't belong there. It offers nothing. It's shorthand for 'I'm a retard and need my hand held whenever I'm away from the guardrails.'

In short: no essay or concisely written text needs a TL;DR bc it serves no purpose other than to hold the readers hand throughout the whole process. That's what knowing your limits and keeping them to yourself so that you don't get in the way of the taller ppl is all about. If you can't see what I'm saying in my threads or idea oriented posts that's your own problem and it can only be helped by dismissing me out of hand or tentatively asking enough to know if I know my crap. No TL;DR is going to help you - your problem isn't structure, your problem is the bad kind of stupidity where you can't tell your own damned limits. Shut your window and go to bed. You're taking up resources on this planet and its bad enough that you can do so without being smart enough to be made aware of it in all of its ugly hysterics.

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@gregz: I'm transfering out of scania.
@scarredhero: That's what I'm doing. I already have a character made in Scania for merching from the previous world transfer.

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What gregz said lulz.. unless youre making a new char, merching then moving it to nova

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That moment when you can't transfer to Scania

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