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Just ordered a new phone So, I just bought and paid for a used phone today on ebay. It's the first time I've bought something online and I'm a bit scared the phone won't arrive at my address, get broken along the way or it's a fake. I've check the buyer and they have 1.3k+ feedback at 99.8% positive, so I'm not too worried about that. Although, with everything aside, did I make the right choice by buying a Samsung galaxy S3 over an iphone 4S? Reason I chose S3: Better camera Replaceable battery Longer battery life Reason for regrets: iphone is more popular S3 screen is not as sturdy as an iphone Which leads me to my final question, it is worth getting an otterbox?

General Chat

Anyone hyped for Peria? A game published by Nexon with beta testing in late 2014 and expected to be released in 2015. It's like the ideal game for me, though I'm not sure how much character customization it has. I had more hype looking at the gameplay than MS2. Here's a summary of what it has to offer -User created content. Nexon doesn't do content release, the player base is what makes it. This includes quest, buildings, environment -Dynamic towns. Towns expand or disappear based on player frequency, for example henesys would grow larger to deal with player base while aqua road will disapear off the map. -Pokemon based fighting. The focus of PVE and PVP (maybe) is based on your Kirina (pokemon) you can catch them or buy them. -Best anime g