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How do I report this to mods? Apparently I got a hater on basil that rages at me for no apparent reason and he is now falsifying quotes. Here in this SS it shows him quoting me two times. However, the second quote isn't me but another basiler. Here is proof. As you can see, it is by another basiler. How do I report this to the mods? Edit: You can read the entire thread by the link shown on my url bar at the SS. I don't mind being banned by mods for going off topic there, but being falsely accused is annoying.

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Requesting explanation on replies Could someone explain to me why the majority of the time when a person post a thread asking for advice or opinion on something like; I'm going to spend 25k nx to cube my weapon, should I cube now or miracle time, or; I just bought 10k nx, is it better to get a royal hair or royal face change. This is my (insert face) and (insert hair). Instead of getting a proper answer, 9/10 replies either bashes the OP for spending money or bashes the basher for bashing. Can't we all just get along? Single awareness day is coming up.