Dawn Warriors play style

My maple is still patching. I just need a general sense of how the new DW is played

September 5, 2013

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It's actually not like it looks at all.
In 4th job, your mobbing skills are a stab-explosion (Sun) (think Paladin's Combo Blow), and a AoE twirl (think Aran's Rolling Spin). You choose which to use.
You will also probably use your dash skill that you get in 2nd job throughout the whole way.
Your 1v1 skills:
Sun - jump up while striking, then jump down while striking. It automatically moves you up and down, but you can start with the downward slash if you're in the air.
Moon - think Hayato's Shinsoku. Just a really fast attacking slashing skill that hits multiple times. IF you jump before attack, it will slash downwards with a tornado-like thing.

So yeah, it's not really THAT much like Hayato, especially when you're just training. If you like any of the other warriors, you'll probably like Dawn Warrior.
Also, the attacks are either very fast, or have lots of numbers, if that's what you're into.

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