2012 Year-End Maplestory Music Awards Preliminary Round


So, another year has passed. A ton more patches have come out, with a ton more content. Along with this content, some new music has come out as well.

As 2012 ends, with it comes the Maplestory Music Awards!

[b]How this is going to work:[/b]

There are going to be multiple categories to vote for. The following categories are:

1) Overall Best BGM (This is putting EVERYTHING into account, such as if the BGM fits, if it's good, etc. Therefore, your #1 here might not be your #1 in another category.)
2) Best Boss-Battle BGM (Must be the theme of a boss, ex: Zakum)
3) Most Soothing/Calming BGM
4) Most Intense/Epic BGM
5) Most Nostalgic BGM (The good old days...)

and of course...

6) Worst BGM (Most annoying, doesn't fit the scene, etc.)

You can nominate your top THREE choices for each category. Your number one choice will be worth 3 points, #2 two points, and #3 one point. Feel free to nominate less than three if you like, but no more than three.

You may nominate the [b]SAME SONG[/b] for multiple categories.

One nomination per person. Also, no insulting anybody because of their choices. If you've got a problem with what they've picked, then vote for something else yourself.


Here's an example. These are my choices, by the way. (If you aren't able to post links on basil, then that's okay. But please do so if you can.)

Overall Best BGM:
1. [url=]Cygnus Garden (Fight against Empress)[/url]
2. [url=]PVP: Pink Bean's Party[/url]
3. [url=]Repentance (In Temple of Time)[/url]

Best Boss-Battle BGM:
1. [url=]Pianus (Idk, I just like it a lot for some reason.)[/url]
2. [url=]Papulatus (CPQ!)[/url]
3. [url=]Empress Cygnus (My favorite overall to listen to, but not the best BOSS music I've ever heard. It's still amazing though.)[/url]

Most Soothing/Calming BGM:
1. [url=]Cygnus Garden (Yeah...)[/url]
2. [url=]Repentance (In Temple of Time)[/url]
3. [url=]Tera Forest (Neo City Time Traveler)[/url]

Most Intense/Epic BGM:
1. [url=]Phantom Forest (NLC->Haunted House->Keep going)[/url]
2. [url=]Dragon Canyon (Leafre, deep into the forest)[/url]
3. [url=]Air Battleship Hermes (Neo City)[/url]

Most Nostalgic BGM:
1. First Step Master - Maple Island (APPLE SUITS!)
2. Ellinia (Of course.)
3. Ludibrium Maze (Oh, the good old days. 2% per run at level 50.)

Worst BGM:
Oh god, I'm not even going to bother with this category. Pretty sure you guys get how to do this by now, right?

[b]Current Scores:[/b]

[i]Note: The TOP THREE songs in each category will advance to the final round, where we will find out which song is truly the best of each category![/i]

I'll put these up once enough people begin voting.

[b]VOTING ENDS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16 AT 4:00 PM PST (Or whenever I get on, if I'm late)[/b]

December 15, 2012

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[url=]Trapped Kaiser[/url] - Most Intense BGM
[url=]Step Of Kaiser[/url] - Most Intense BGM

Gotta love these Patheon Bgms <3

[url=]Boat Quay Town[/url] - Most Soothing BGM

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[url=]VS Horntail[/url] for most epic and best boss.

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Overall best bgm:
1. [url=]El Nath[/url]
2. [url=]Dolphin - Night[/url]
3. [url=] Temple of time - Plant zone[/url]

Best boss battle bgm:
1. [url=]Cygnus garden[/url]
2. [url=]Pink bean[/url]
3. [url=]Arkarium[/url]

Most soothing/calming bgm:
1. [url=]El Nath[/url]
2. [url=]Cygnus garden[/url]
3. [url=]Dolphin - Night[/url]

Most intense/Epic bgm:
1. [url=]CWK[/url]

Most nostalgic:
1. [url=]Ellinia[/url]

Worst bgm:
1. [url=]Kerning[/url]

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I'm loling at all the fail links

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[quote=Hera4]i can't believe this is actually a thing[/quote]

It is. Why wouldn't it be?

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