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when will they up the basil security?

0 April 10, 2014

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You didn't read what I wrote above.
The links provided in the Nexon announcement about this thing DO NOT TEST THE SITES for the vulnerability.
They only show whether the site uses "OpenSSL". They DO NOT TEST to see if the vulnerability has been fixed.

If you use the TEST page, it shows Basilmarket has ALREADY been fixed.

And that disclaimer is the same as every other site uses. No one guarantees absolute security on the Internet.

Reply April 10, 2014

[quote=oOpoleyOo]when will they up the basil security?[/quote]

Basilmarket is ALREADY safe, has been since this hoopla came out.

That link you posted is NOT testing the sites, it's only saying whether or not Basilmarket (and other sites) use "OpenSSL", it's NOT testing whether or not the site is safe.

Use THIS link to actually TEST the site:

Basilmarket is SAFE.

Reply April 10, 2014

[url=]Click 2nd link in this link[/url]

Reply April 10, 2014