Scroll/upgrade questions

Regardless of cost,
What's better: to prime my gear or to chaos scroll for +5att with return scrolls?

Also is it the same to star force equips before finishing scrolls? Im priming a weapon rn and it has 0 slots so i have the option to star force but i dont know if this will affect the outcome since i can still recover upgrade slots with css

Ps im not dropping crazy amounts of cash at once, i spend(waste) like 100~200 usd monthly to satisfy myself with disappointment i guess, it's some sort of gambling addiction

edit: just finished scrolling my weapon, and im now full of regrets and disappointment because it costed 180 usd alone and potential is still bad, one item... rip $$
i'll probably look for a new healthier hobby.

June 14, 2017

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@hualicious: @pinyin: There was a change months ago where Star Forcing is fine regardless if finished or not. Calculations are now re-adjusted if the equipment somehow got clean slated and scrolled again.


The only time you may not want to Star Force is if you plan on using Innocence.

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@hualicious: thanks for the feedback, i will have to reconsider on using chaos scrolls

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Starforcing normal Armors first 5 stars 'adds +2 stats' and star 6+ 'adds +3 stats', so it doesn't really matter much if you starforce armors earlier on.

But you should always finish scrolling your weapons first including the hammer slots before starforcing. The result could be 1~2 attack less if you didn't finish it first.

Prime (shield scrolls and maybe other scrolls) vs chaos for +5atk with return scrolls are both pricey but with Primes you know where you are going. I think it will take a lot more attempts to get the +5 atk on each scroll.

I went for 30% spelltrace for armors and 15% for weapons.

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