Penitent Tears perfect 15% spell trace

I'm in Bera, which should be similar to Scania and other older main servers.

I have a chance to buy a perfectly 15% spell traced (10 slots) Fafnir Penitent Tears with 13 star force (no potential) for 6B.

Is it worth? Or can I scroll it myself for less than 6B. Would it have to be during fever or I can even do it right now with less than 6B?

February 1, 2017

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It really depends on how good your luck is the day of fever time. But for sure you can make one for less than 6b. I'd say just stack up on like 10 innocence scrolls and about 150~200 css and you should be able to make one during fever time. GL~~~

Reply February 2, 2017