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If all core classes ( Warrior, Bowman, Pirate, etc.) with each job instructor as the respective commander were to have like a massive battle in maple. Which classes do you think would come out on top and why? Do you think any classes would ally themselves with another group? what could the possible reason be for such an event to take place? Go!

September 3, 2016

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Phantom steal your skills

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@piana: It depends on how you read it I guess, I concluded it was a imaginary when I read the first few words.

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@piana: "...were to have like a massive battle in Maple"
Keyword is like, usually used to introduce a hypothetical

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@piana: It's pretty obvious that it's not a in game scenario, so obvious I don't understand why you would even post here if you dislike imaginary scenarios, guess I wont stop you though.

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I can't tell if piana's joking or if he just doesn't get it

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No way. Heroes of Maple shows us that they barely function as a group and sealing the black mage was a fluke.

It would be a toss up between the resistance and the cygnus knights.
Resistance has a stronger reason to fight, plus they play dirty.
Cygnus knights have the most resources and best chain of command.
Explorers are too disorganized. Heroes are too few and dysfunctional. Nova is too small. Sengoku is too small and new.

If the resistance and the cygnus knights went at it, I'd predict a never ending stalemate. Cygnus Knights would wipe them out in an open fight, but the resistance would be too hard to defeat completely with their expertise at infiltration and sabotage. They have tons of experience working as the underdog and successfully causing massive setbacks to a large opposing force.

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Simply put, the Heroes would win. They would all ban together and destroy everyone else.

They put away the Black Mage while everyone else was cowering in fear. So I don't really think that it's a contest.
I love pirates though. They'd probably be the most fun to watch duke it out in real life

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Probably eunwol, you'll forget about us the next day, but we wont. And if you do manage to kill us, we'll just haunt you with spirits.

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Are we counting eskalade?

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@piana: You must be fun at parties.

OT: I feel like the thief instructor would wait til the end then take out the last one. Hiding in the shadows and such.

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@piana: I probably should have put if this was IRL. That's what I meant.

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