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I have DSI+ Booster and I believe we have another skill that gives us a speed boost (correct me if I'm wrong) will I be reaching the soft speed cap with these? To get to hard speed cap what should I aim for as well?

October 11, 2015

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If I'm not mistaken, katanas are at Fast(5), so with booster and Quick Draw stance, you'll be at the soft speed cap. Out of QD stance, you would need to use dSI or a +1 attack speed inner ability. Running the green potion from MPE and dSI will have you at hard speed cap with QD. This assumes you don't use runes, external skills, etc.

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We do have another skill that gives us attack speed, our bossing stance gives us +1 attack speed.
I don't THINK that there's any other skills that do.

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Reply October 11, 2015