I decided to check out neo city. (finding the scrapbook page is still hell).
Monster levels are between 100-128 and give 1400-2600 exp.
The wig you get from it now give an large amount of acc and is different from the one you usually get.

Since Aufheben can use damage reflect, i decided to test magic crash on it. Turn out the robot could not use damage reflect..
Also Nibelung barrier could not be used while magic crash is in effect. Therefore I come to this conclusion that with at least 3 warriors with magic crush you prevent any boss from using cancel weapon/magic or damage reflect.
(the block last for 20 second with a 1 minute cool down and has to be used before the boss cast any cancel or DR)

November 17, 2010

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i also heard that the Ludi cape gives some insane stats.

Reply November 19, 2010

[quote=KSinner1234]But guys...isn't there a new accuracy formula anyway? I remember a few months back people already said that an item with high accuracy wouldn't matter due to the BB patch. Not sure D:[/quote]PB needs a flat 625 accuracy in order for any class to 100% hit it (non-magic).
The rest all need 225. W/ BB and the way Nexon is churning out new equips, it's fairly easy to achieve 2xx accuracy.
The reason why people say you don't need much accuracy is that at lower lvls (15x-) the accuracy requirement to hit monsters at your lvl is very low.
In fact up till lvl 100~110, warriors barely need 100 accuracy to hit all the monsters in their lvl range.
It's only PB that's a thorn in the side for warriors. That being said, a warrior w/ 225 accuracy has a 90% hit rate @ PB. So, once you get 225 accuracy, it's pointless upgrading unless you're plain old crazzeh. :O

Reply November 19, 2010

This would be perfect for PB. :O

Reply November 18, 2010

Magic Crash remove all normal buff from the monster/boss and block them from casting new ones for 20 second. (1 minute cooldown)
It can only block cancel weapon/magic and DR, before the boss cast them, but if the buff is already active you can't cancel it. Meaning you have to use magic crash before the boss use any sort of super buff.
All 3 warrior should have the skill.

Reply November 18, 2010

Thanks for trying out and showing!

Reply November 18, 2010

So, what does the new Magic crash do? I remember only putting a point in mine because it's shiny.

Reply November 18, 2010