Why the increase in damage taken from monsters

So, I recently noticed that I've been taking more damage than before. And none of my equips changed, have you guys noticed this too? I used to be able to go through Watchman's Tower @ Monster Park with only 1 HP dmg per hit but now they do 300-500hp. What's going on...?

October 22, 2011

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Mobs in Monster Park and PQ change level depending on the party. That could be the reason. Higher level party members result in higher level mobs, which are naturally stronger and thus will do more damage.

Reply October 22, 2011

I too notice this

Reply October 22, 2011

I read through all of the patch notes and saw nothing about a GMS-wide monster buff which makes me think that this was a completely unintended effect. I personally dont like it all that much, it kinda takes away an advantage that we pally's had and lord knows we don't need more things like this happening. To put this into perspective, to me it feels like this, the car is leaking power steering fluid (CWKPQ being down) and instead of fixing it what do they do? They buy new rims for the car (new cash shop items, etc) and end up accidentally smashing out their tail light (errors like this)...just...terrible. At what point does responsibility as a corporate entity come into play in this equation?

Reply October 22, 2011

Yeah ive noticed this aswell, maybe something to do with the new patch.
But while its not a substantial amount, i like it

Reply October 22, 2011