is this good potential

I used a miracle cube on my dark pirate top and became 3 line with these potentials, 9% luck(this is good I know), after getting hit increases invinciblity duration by %d seconds +1, and decrease the duration of all abnormal statuses by %d seconds +2.

I don't understand what the other 2 lines mean. Are they good? I will most likely not re cube because of the 9% luck, but I was just wondering what the other lines meant.

~Thank you.

May 9, 2011

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ohhh I see. thank you all for answering! -hugs for all-

Reply May 9, 2011

+1 second of invincibility frame after getting hit

Reply May 9, 2011

you know how after you get hit you cant get hit right after again?
it increases that.

Reply May 9, 2011

+1 state of invinciblity? I don't understand.

oh ok, I understand the other line now, thank you!

Reply May 9, 2011

after you get hit +1 state of invinciblity
and -2 seconds of abnormal statuses

Reply May 9, 2011