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There is virtually no spaces between words. Im going to need you to fix that.

Reply January 11, 2013

[quote=Zuchinni]Terrible, and embarrassing to pinoymystic.[/quote]

Not at all. I absolutely love it.
I really love her nice gesture she's given to me and she decided to make it out of her own freewill just for me. That's what makes it even better.

Reply December 16, 2012

@Segumisama: aww, how cute. x)
But I'm sorry you took your time away from participating in class! D:

Reply November 22, 2012


you already captured my heart.[/quote]

:] just doodled this while I was at school lol. I was supposed to be partaking in a discussion about welfare :[

Reply November 22, 2012


you already captured my heart.

Reply November 22, 2012