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Where can I find my screenshots?

As title says... I could never find my screenshots even though they used to be saved on my Maplestory folder. I tried changing it to the C: drive and even to the desktop but still no luck finding them. Also, i started playing on a laptop so now I don't have a scroll lock button, only a 'PrtSc/SysRq' button. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.

0 April 3, 2012

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I figured it out, thanks guys for responding.

Reply April 3, 2012

i go to "my computer" then search for Maplestory, then a bunch of the pictures i took come up. For me a screenshot is the scroll lock key btw.

Reply April 3, 2012

i can only help you get screen shots not the ones You already took srry download fraps there's a build in screen shot function as well as recording service. hope this helped

Reply April 3, 2012