KMS 1.2.254 Paladin Update

- Advanced Charge: number of hits boost to Blast and all Charge skills has been increased from 1 to 2

- Blast: Blast’s maximum damage cap has been increased from 50,000,000 to 65,000,000

So now we have an 11 hit Blast (8 from base, 9 with Hyper, 11 with this Advanced Charge buff), and Advanced Charge is reverted back to how it was. All classes get some form of damage cap increase; Paladins get it for Blast.

But recapping past changes...

- Void Elemental is still long and gone, but even I/Ls, F/Ps, Evans, and Cygnus Knights have lost their Elemental Reset skills!

- Another Blast buff duration increase (to 120 seconds), coming in the Maple Heroes revamp patch.

- Rework to Heaven's Hammer, such as making its Cooldown Reduction Hyper available at an earlier level. It also kills mobs rather than leaving them at 1 HP. However, while its hit count is increased from 4 to 7, cooldown decreased to 29 seconds from 30, and it deals 30% bonus damage to bosses, it gets a damage nerf from 1320% to 570% per line. (Coming in the Spinelwagon World Tour update)

So um... yay?

March 27, 2016

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Knew over-funding my paladin was the right choice!

Reply April 2, 2016

Keep in mind that while doing 70m lines, they'll only be doing 10 lines (700m) as opposed to us doing 11 lines of 65m (715m). They do, however, have advanced final attack...on the other hand, we don't have to dodge as often as they do while bossing at cvel, for example. Each has its pros and cons lolz. I've always mained this class.
Best. Class. Ever! x)

Reply March 31, 2016

@improbable: Whaaaa?... I always thought the charges were meant for mobbing. Especially since it involves with a passive that increase damage altogether. Heaven's Hammer always felt to me as a skill that really didn't needed to be there.

Again I'm probably just not seeing what makes it great you know? >_>

Reply March 29, 2016

@improbable: @carbyken: Well I know about the roles, but Theres no point in giving them more advantage, i mean they can cap way earlier and hit that 70m without any efford, but i guess we will always have our godly defense and party utility, anyways any buff its welcome

Reply March 28, 2016

@carbyken: It's 2 seconds off when you take CO into account. With the CD reduction passive, the CD turns into 14 seconds. In terms of scenario for prolonged mobbing, Pally can basically use another HH in the same given amount of time, which is a plus now that HH has become a heavily dependent skill for mobbing.

@lordanubis: Putting Pally into the same table of comparison with Hero is a folly if you take account to what each are capable as a whole.

These two classes were designed with two different purposes and equipped with utensils to uphold them respectively. Hero's role is straight-out damage dealing, while Pally is designed moreso for superior survivability along with assortment of skills that greatly benefit your party members.

Also, explorer warriors' lines in general have been average or slightly below at best. There was only a nominal difference between Hero's DPS and Pally's until this patch.

Though DrK was hit hard with some nerfs before Heroes of Maple and is definitely in need of some attention now that post-revamp Aran far surpasses everything it does.

Reply March 28, 2016 - edited

All those lines!

Reply March 28, 2016 - edited

I don't mean to sound completely stupid, but why drop a second off Heaven's Hammer? *Shrugs* Maybe I'm just not seeing the greatness of it...

@lordanubis: Well they are HEROES!... ok terrible joke aside I guess the reason for the various damage caps for classes is based on their hits per attack perhaps? I could be talking out of my *car honk*, but that's just an observation.

Reply March 28, 2016 - edited

well its a great "buff", i mean we just get a part of what we lost in the nerf, obviously we can't get elemental void again bcuz theres no class atm with that kind of skill so its fine, what i don¡t understand is why we and the DK's are stuck in 65m cap and heroes get a 70m cap... I know they are the favorites of nexon but this is getting ridiculous.

Reply March 28, 2016 - edited

Still looking for sword animation changes, or tradeable sw so I can go back to using the much nicer looking mace animations.

Reply March 28, 2016 - edited