Searching for old friends

So this thread is mainly an announcement towards old friend's in Scania; as of some of you that may know I decided a few months (was is months or a year iunno honestly -w-) ago, that I wanted to move my 1st pally to Kradia due to good memories I had of a guild I was in called Deep Blue. So even more personally I do get reminiscent around this time of year and this is usually when I really think things through and find out what I really want. With that I decided to start anew again back in the 1st world I created my 1st character in again; Scania. Basically I'd just like to say to my old friends if they see this thread comment below because honestly I only (VERY) vaguely remember your igns. ;3; I'm also happy to meet and get to know new people so feel free to chat me up. I still need to think of a new ign but I'll probably go through the effort to whisper to add o3o. Have a good day/night/evening all.

(with that said I'd just like to say good bye i suppose to everyone I have met and briefly got to know in Kradia; it's been a pleasure.)

January 14, 2014

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I'm still here on my Hero

Reply January 14, 2014

Hey I just met you
And this is crazy.
That is all

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Who the heck are you?

Reply January 14, 2014