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Unleashed 50% scrolls

I still have left over unleashed 2h 50% w.atk scrolls from the unleashed event.

How much do you think I could sell service for nowadays?


0 October 27, 2013

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[quote=13oomerman]i don't get why people are freaking out about these 8 att scrolls from RED. they dont have any stats along with it.
50% unleashed = 50% RED scroll[/quote]

50 all stats and 50 attack<80 attack
In addition
5 Star Loveless Bow (+10): +~50 all stats, 211 attack
5 Star Loveless Bow (+10): 242 attack

Reply October 27, 2013 - edited

thanks guys!

Reply October 27, 2013 - edited

I have like 20 1h and 2h att ones in broa, they sell for 50m each

Reply October 27, 2013 - edited

As @GreenPen says, sell them quickly before the RED shop arrives.

Reply October 27, 2013 - edited

Don't they expire soon?

Anyways, considering that the pink 50%s don't sell for too much nowadays, maybe 50 - 100mil per scroll?

Reply October 27, 2013 - edited

Red shop coming out
50% scrolls w/ 8 att no boom

Reply October 27, 2013 - edited