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Problems that started since the server upgrade

I've been having some big problems since the upgrade, and I'll list them here. Feel free to comment if you have these as well:

1. Getting stuck in the login screen.
2. Getting stuck after entering the PIC.
3. Game freezes and eventually crashes after entering the PIC.
4. Game lags horribly.
5. When actually manage to play the game, it crashes often. Very often.
6. Black screen and crash after CCing/moving maps.
7. My beard itches.

Even if you have no solution, just reply if you have any of these problems.

0 September 22, 2011

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@Management I trim it often! trust me, my hairs don't curl. Shave it? never!
@Shadowsinrox see above.
@Dan It's not just Israelis, other people are having it too. Meh
@organic You might wanna upgrade your computer.

Reply September 22, 2011

ohay dror!

having the same problems as well. im not sure about this but for some reason it seems like its only affecting the ones that play in israel. hopefully nexon will fix this soon.

p.s. lol'd @ no. 7

Reply September 22, 2011

i got noone of it,

Try reinstal game

Reply September 22, 2011