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nexon be trolling

my 5 to all and 5 att pock item (the practice thing from PvP) gives me less range than the hilla heart which is 3 to all and 3 att. wtf nexon? i equip the hilla heart just to see if my range make any difference and is not just the text error and it indeed boosted my range. so why in the world is 3 give me more than 5? is nexon drunk again?

0 November 8, 2015

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maybe the hilla heart is better b/c of the boss accessory set

Reply November 8, 2015

if you are using any item from the boss accessory set, your gonna have a bad time

Reply November 8, 2015

@tampons: he meant the hilla heart thing, its part of the boss accessory set

Reply November 8, 2015

@racist: the practice manuel is not part of any set. it is just a pock item with 5 to all and 5 att.

Reply November 8, 2015