Maple Detectives

Alright not sure if many people have bothered to finish these quests, but I finally got to the end and now I have a list of achievements I can obtain by killing certain things x number of times, my question is how in the world do I go about this?? My initial thought was I'd have a way to go back into the cube....but there's no quests in the maple detectives thing that allows me to do so O_O so help? lol not sure if I missed anything >_

May 28, 2016

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@gekkegerrit: The one from the Stellar Detectives quests. Do the quest line and you'll find out.

Reply May 28, 2016

What "cube" are u talking about ?

Reply May 28, 2016

@tashie:you should have a 3rd option that lets u go back to the cube
in case u dont maybe u need to accept another quest or something idk

Reply May 28, 2016

@deadlymember i literally only have 2 in the diary; One being the Case Diary and the other being the Complete Achievements one >_<

Reply May 28, 2016

Try all the quests in the diary icon again. I have also finished them all and one of the quest brings you back to the cube. I forget the name but it has the phrase "hyper cube" in it.

Reply May 28, 2016