where can i find a decent staff/wand for my Evan

reposting this in the general MS section hoping to get a response. Where is a good place to train for a weapon for my reboot evan? (anything lvl. 60+)

September 5, 2017

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10~30 golem temple 3
30~50 gold beach
50~60 riena strait / wild boars
60~75 silent swamp
75~82 ice valley 2 / big spiders
82~100 sahel 2 / desert of serenity
100~120 pop a rune and go into zakum*2, quest in lightbulb or boss queue for quick access
105~110 monster park / rashes / harps
110~130 apparatus room / death teddy
130~140 korean folk town quests & grind
140~180 temple of ti

Reply September 5, 2017

@userwhat: In the case of armor, yes, definitely.

Reboot has always been like this as far as I can remember, alongside the rest of the game (of course not counting the years before that). Everything equipment related in the lower levels is very easy to get provided you're not training at stuff that is far too below or above your level - the path I just outlined is the training path you'll find on most recent guides on leveling anyways.

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@readers: Thanks! Is it the same thing for other items such as armor? Sorry for the nooby question, i'm back on the game after a hiatus. I just want to get the best possible stuff for my lvl and I don't know how dramatically things have changed in reboot

Reply September 5, 2017

If you follow along the typical training path of Copper Drakes at Sleepywood, then maybe White Fangs at around 75 - around 85, then Sand Rats till approximately 95 and Roids and Homunculus and some Zakum beyond that, you will definitely find a weapon for your level during that interim. You will be able to do enough damage regardless, and you will level so fast anyways that there is no reason to worry about having inadequate gear - at least until around 140.

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