I have no clue what "reboot world" is

I'm still getting used to the new maple after not playing for a while and I literally have no idea what this update is about. Can someone fill me in please? Thanks in advance and sorry, I know it's kinda a dumb question.

November 30, 2015

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@userwhat: "Characters cannot be moved into or out of Reboot world using the World Leap system." -Patch Notes

Reply December 2, 2015

@syncrinity: Thanks for explaining. Will we be able to transfer the characters we already have in the normal worlds or would we have to make a new one?

Reply November 30, 2015

If the above comment didn't do the trick, I'll explain it here.

It's a new world entirely separated from the other ones.

There is no NX payment options to increase damage, it's all cosmetic.

Trade is disabled.

Mesos are the only way to purchase things, though your class related equips will drop from mobs. Those equips can NOT be put into storage but your mesos can.

The monsters are all stronger (remember old maple where everything took a few hits) but give better rewards.

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Reply November 30, 2015