Couple questions Hyper Stats and Focus Spirit

Ok, so here goes. Def Ignore hyper stat, from level 9 to level 10, it says 27% to 30%, however my stats window stays at 88% def ignore at level 9 or level 10, so should i keep it at level 9, and use the points elsewhere?

The link skill Focus Spirit from my level 210 Beast tamer is only giving me level 1 focus spirit, not the level 3 it should be getting. If i log onto my beast tamer, it says level 3 and that player doesn't exist?

March 8, 2017

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@Wickedtmage On your main there's an "Unlink" button, you just tap that then you relink it and it'll be level 3. No need to log on to other characters.

Reply March 9, 2017

Wouldn't the extra 35 points in something else be better temporarily?

@ecarina , so i have to log onto every character besides main and remove the link skill, or also on the character i want to use it on?
EDIT removed it and re added it after i turned it off on another character worked, thank you.

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The BT link skill is glitched. The lvl 3 is on a different character, you need to unlink it before you can link the lvl 3 to a different one. As a result, you can basically link the BT skill to multiple characters, but only one gets the lvl 3 at any one time.

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Ignore defense is multiplicative so just because the number doesn't change from your stat screen doesn't mean it isn't doing anything. I'd just max out the ignore defense stat anyways.

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