How to discover yourself

Hi everyone who is still around. Over the course of my life, I've found many things that have taught me to understand how to properly communicate with others as well as listening to myself.

1. Meditate
During that time you can really feel what it means to be alive. From my experience after about 45mins I began to fear doing it any long. Soon after I finished that session I began to research. Even now it has caused me to halt the long sessions. Only because it's like my "heart" & brain begin to communicate. I truely fear what my heart wants.

2. Intuitive writing
When I stared this it was very vague to me. Trust me when I say that you'll understand what it mean when you form the habit. Sometimes the words you put down it'll be really scary. Just keep writing though. I'm still new to this.

3. Run
Being a Marine, I run a lot & it sucks to admit it. After running for like 2 miles my brain will tell my body to slow down. I love the feeling though. It's as if time slows down & you can really push. After about 4 miles though. My brain will start uttering words like "quit" "your weak" "stop". I am aware of it. To be honest though, the only way I'm able to push past this phase is because of the people I am running with.

4. Pursue what you enjoy
I've begun to enjoy talking in front of crowds. Just from meeting those people who are so charismatic. I know this bullet isn't really anything. I would just like to say, Basilmarket it started with you guys. All I want is for my words to take root .

Please share your own experiences.

January 11, 2018