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Gaga Lag ''Fixed''

Hey everyone. I had, since the big bang patch, the GAGA LAG. Yeah, but I found a way to fix it.
I downloaded GameBooster.(Its a program that closes all the unecessary program so your game can run smoother.)
And since i use that program I really dont lag anymore in towns near Gaga and even in FM ! If you want to download it, heres the link :

0 January 6, 2011

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[quote=mymainacc]Is this a trusted program?[/quote]

Yes, if you use the link I provided, not the TS's Link. I can provide you with a screeny if you want.

Oh and if anyone wants the license code to activate Premium, PM me.

Reply January 6, 2011

i never heard of GAGA lag O.o it must be because i have a top of the line computer...

Reply January 6, 2011

Is this a trusted program?

Reply January 6, 2011

I should try this gamebooster thing.

Reply January 6, 2011

I downloaded Gamebooster, it works in towns but not in my training places like MP3.

Reply January 6, 2011

i use this even when im not playing maple. its just that good

Reply January 6, 2011

Or download it from the [url=]Official Site.[/url]

Reply January 6, 2011