Question about the Scarlet Rings Effect

My question is can I use a Scarlet Ring, Superior Gollux Ring, and two Superior Gollux pendants and still get the full superior set effect? My guess would be no due to the unique equipped label on the Superior Gollux Ring. Googling hasn't helped me find a definite answer either, so I'm hoping someone here has at least tried and can confirm if it does or does not work. Thanks in advance.

March 16, 2015

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For ppl that can't afford Tyrant Belt, the best setup would be:

Superior Earring, Sup Belt, Sup Ring, Scarlet Rin
Reinforced Pendant, Reinforced Pendant, Reinforced Ring

But of course you would have to get the Cash shop pendant slot, unless you were lucky to get the permanent one.

Reply March 16, 2015

you could even use a reinforced pendant, that way you get the third effect (+30 att) on top of the full superior set.
but since you're using tyrant belt, consider the scarlet ring to be like any other ring

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Okay, thanks people.

@CherryTigers I would, but currently using a tyrant belt and would really hate to rescroll another belt plus a CHTP and DOM pendant. Scrolls be hating me lately </3

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You will get the full 4 pieces superior set.

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You do get the full set effect.

In fact, if you wanted, you could use a Sup earring, Sup ring, Sup belt, and scarlet ring and a CHTP and a DOM pendant and still get the full Sup effect.

Source: I own a scarlet ring.

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