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Do you spend too much time on maple?

Well do you? That's the reason i stopped playing a while back, but as soon as i started once again the same thing happened. Spending too much time on ms, not enough on school work and things of that sort....

0 October 4, 2012

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I keep up with all my stuff 90% of the time. Being a senior this year is really stressful with applying to colleges ect, and just the work load. Plus spots leave me with such little time, but its hard for me to manage it! a;ldsjfaljo;viajoiaweftgio pretty much all of my free time goes into ms, even if its just sitting there being bored. I need an intervention T_T

Reply October 4, 2012

I spend too little time on Maple
ATM I'm too busy to even log on and do the "Login" event which gives 2 gallant emblems

Reply October 4, 2012

I do actually. Up to 7-10 hours a day.
But i'm a functional addict who doesn't sit staring at the pixels all day. I do the event quests. Break. Do them again when they come back. And so on.
Repeat until I get to 200 scrolls.

But I do agree that maple is a black hole from whence no time escapes.

Reply October 4, 2012