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Eckharts Vampire Question

Is the skill useful at level one, or does it need to be maxed to heal a significant amount of hp?

0 September 1, 2012

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It's most useful for Shadowers, since they're melee fighters they take a lot more damage so the ability to heal is more needed, Night Lords can use it now that they lose Drain though, it'll help out a lot at places that have potion cooldown, and it's useful but not nearly as useful for Dual Blades as it is for other classes. They already get Life Drain, but Vampire heals /so/ much more.

Reply September 1, 2012

[quote=Clashofpower]What he said^
It's the same for most skills. Good, but better at higher levels[/quote]

Is it worth the trouble/time to get it maxed?

Reply September 1, 2012

It's useful at level 1 but not nearly as useful at lvl 5

Reply September 1, 2012