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[GMS] GreatxKaiser Ranmaru Solo Video

By NidoShad

NidoShad Level 224 Reboot Dark Knight
Mar 21 2013 New boss Ranmaru

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Solox5 Level 161 Scania Buccaneer
+3 Lanceeee *Denzel Voice* "Maaa N***a*
Mar 21 2013
This is an everyday thing i will get impressed when you complete it on hard
Mar 21 2013
NidoShad Level 224 Reboot Dark Knight
My boy! Where you been man?

i never said it was hard, clearly it was simple since it was done in a matter of seconds. But we are working on hard mode, its kind of hard since we glitched it atm..And i got the kaiser crash last run and couldn't complete it

I dont know man... i just feel like wingbeat does 1m, gigas does a lot more, in the time i can send out a WB i couldv done another gigas. Still unsure of which direction to take with wing

What happened?
Mar 21 2013
NidoShad Level 224 Reboot Dark Knight
yeah... i want to say maybe we can hit the 50m cap...but knowing nexon the only way to do that would be with a lot of $$$ spent irl. Definitely wont redo the damage formula or boost us or anything
Mar 21 2013
DjFunky Level 201 Scania Wind Archer 4 Reconcile Guild
@NidoShad: Well we DO get a nice boost. Additional stats and w/e ... I'll still miss hitting 999,999 tho...
Mar 21 2013
PlayThatMelody Level 10 Scania
Should definitely be using Wingbeat. For every cast, it gives you a total of 45 hits in the 15 seconds it lasts provided you have the hyper skills to expand the number of hits and duration. Since you're not fully capping either, you may want to make more use of Advanced Tempest Blades as well.
Mar 21 2013
NidoShad Level 224 Reboot Dark Knight
Yeah i just wish i had a bonus pot that increased the cap i want 7 digits D;

Of course, always dat guild

This was after a server check, apparently its bugged and you can only go in once per server check per ch 1-3

Yeah, i usually use it, but idk i enjoy using ATB and hitting a bunch of 1ms (plus i intended it to kill the minion up top but it didnt)
Mar 21 2013

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