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GMS Yellonde TheOne Guild 10 man Zakum Speed Run: Time 1:13 Video

By Varsitykart

Varsitykart Level 200 Yellonde Hero
Mar 25 2011 Members attended:

ilovexiaodu -- Lv 200 Dark Knight (Max Soul Driver)
IuckCSin (iuckCsin) -- Lv 200 Nightlord
lEpiCenterl -- Lv 199 Hero
GhoulKai -- Lv 181 Marksman
JuStLiKelt -- Lv 172 Buccaneer
XnAssin -- 160 NightLord
MikuOyasumi -- 150 BattleMage
StupidSmexy -- Lv 142 Paladin
HaoHaoDJ -- Lv 137 Paladin
Trollical -- Lv 120 Dawn Warrior (Recorder)

This is a video we as a guild, TheOne, want to represent ourselves as a strong entity in Yellonde.

No Onyx Apple nor Gelt is used during the run, only the 30att weather messenger from Cash Shop, because we love to do it the KMS way XD

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Mageklan Level 166 Broa Evan 10th Growth
Dam, that`s pretty cool :O. Grats.
Mar 25 2011
meh. not as good
Mar 25 2011
Wow, as a proud member of Yellonde, I salute you guys! Nice job =D
Mar 25 2011
._______________. woooooooooooooooooooow it would be nicer if its HT run hahaha
Mar 25 2011
awesome zak run without apple~~~~~~~1:13 mins ftw~
Mar 25 2011
de554081459 Level 101 Yellonde Corsair
omfg are u guys really in the guild TheOne? the guild with all asians? omg heard u guys really often.. u guys doing all kinda boss run man if theres chance i would love to join u guys. and ppl also told me you guys are nice as hell.. giving all the free boss drop but only for the guidies whoare nice and well act.. man plz let me know if guys welling to take me in let me be one of you
Mar 25 2011

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