Sad Mask
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Gentlerain Screen

By twinklefish

Jul 15 2011 GentleRain's char, with a lot of artistic liberty taken. I'm so shameless..hehe.

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HoriStick Level 72 Bera Ranger
Very nice :]
Jul 15 2011
tonyrang Level 77 Bera Blaze Wizard 3
This **must** be the true leader of the Akutsuki.
She seems to have caught a cold.
Jul 15 2011
*points while in shock* OMG... that's art!It's really art!

This belongs in a museum gallery.
Jul 15 2011
So pretty, I like it, May I request?
Jul 15 2011
kaffleen Level 163 Scania Cannoneer 4
I like the cut-outs and oriental feel to this.
Jul 15 2011

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