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Kpq Screen

By harukaede

harukaede Level 204 Windia Kaiser 4
Oct 22 2014 Kpq

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Wordolio Level 200 Chaos Night Lord
+1 why do you insist on making me feel so much with all your screens
Oct 24 2014
harukaede Level 204 Windia Kaiser 4
Oct 24 2014
Avatar Level 32 Windia Mercedes 1
+1 I don't know why but that pointy mage hat hits me in the feels... I think I remember it more than anything else
Oct 24 2014
fiinix Level 201 Yellonde Luminous 4
+1 "Anyone tracking?"




Haha, all the good memories.
I'm content with the way maple is right now, because it is what it is. But I do miss those low level PQ days.
No one bothers anymore these days because its so easy to level, so there's no point doing them except for nostalgia.

Thanks bringing back some memories @harukaede
Oct 25 2014
harukaede Level 204 Windia Kaiser 4
You're welcome there are more SS gonna upload them all look forward to it ^^
Oct 26 2014

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