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Tmst 061 - dragon warrior/zen 1st to 4th job skill revamp Video

By NewbieMai

NewbieMai Level 106 Windia Mechanic 3
May 03 2014 TMST 061 - Dragon Warrior/Zen 1st Job - 4th Job Skill Revamp Video [HD]

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Sanic Level 142 Chaos Dawn Warrior 4
Not even Xenon could escape it's grasp......
May 03 2014
VietUA Level 210 Scania Beast Tamer Cat See what games, anime & art VietUA is intoVietUA
I hate to break it to you guys, but again, ZEN/Jett are going to be based off of other classes but reskinned. I'd only advise you to play if you like all these classes combined:

First Job:
-Moving form of Hurricane (I believe it is slower, probably the speed of Angelic Buster's)
-Thunder Breaker's Flash
-Mercedes' Flash Jump
-Battle Mage's Triple Blow (the punch is 3 hits, has the same attacking animation and effects but skinned red)

Second Job (Third Shown at CDs, however, I think this is Second Job):
-Buccaneer's Landlubber Blast with the effects of Xenon's Gravity Pillar (Lift's Enemies up)
-Corsair's Bluderbuster
-Xenon's Diagonal Chase
-Quick form of Rush (Looks a lot like Shadower's Phase Dash with a lot farther range)

Third Job (Second Shown at MP3):
-Thunder Breaker's Thunder (Based off of Flying Assaulter, however, it uses the same skin)

Fourth job, I could say is much more original. It has similar concepts to a hold-down-release-with-big-damage Octopunch, Shadower's old Assaulter (probably would be really nice for bossing), Corsair's Rapid Fire that shoots Magic Arrows similar to the ones that Bowmen shoot, and their ultimate is kept the same.

I'm pretty excited to see this come out since it's a combination of a lot of classes, not just the two pirates. Hopefully, this can somehow diversify Jett's playstyle and help them climb the DPM rankings. Only time will tell.
May 03 2014
OneLife Level 163 Scania Kanna 4
May 03 2014
VietUA Level 210 Scania Beast Tamer Cat See what games, anime & art VietUA is intoVietUA
@DatNewNew: I think both the link and character card stay the same (respectively Randomized Stats and Summon Duration, like Corsair)
May 03 2014
Bustermode1 Level 207 Bera Zero Transcendent
now way that nautlious strike like thing looks sick. DBZ dragon attack
May 03 2014
Raginroxas Level 190 Scania Blade Master See what games, anime & art Raginroxas is intoRaginroxas
Eh i dont know how i feel. i can say that GMS jetts skills look way better for the most part then TMS skills so maybe nexon could pull it off. Still all the skills are nothing more then copies of every other class skills. Still if jetts get this revamp i think they would be somewhat satisfied then they are now, at this point i think they would take anything then what they have now.
May 03 2014

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