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What Class has the Best 5th Job Skill?


Demon Slayer looks like it has the best one visually. My favorites are Shadower and Zero.

Stuck at Heroes of Maple Act 1


Same here, hope they will fix it when Blaster comes.

KMST 1.2.030 Job Rebalancing


Whats with the Aran nerfs.

Nexon bless us with another TRASH update


Guess another month or 2 for Aran/Evan then.

Training Lvl 55-70


I 2nd the skele/mummy dogs, in dungeon/temple like area, has a nice spawn rate and portal you can zip back to the top to work your way down.

Aran revamp


Still very interesting in Aran even with the nerfs. Just hurts losing that 120 Atk and 25% dmg from Snow Charge. Hoping for patch to restore nice chunk of that atk/dmg.

KMS 1.2.248


Wow, that a lot of nerfing to damage and attack. A revamp accompanied with a huge nerf is beyond me. I agree they don't know what their doing.

any ideas on what class i should play?


Go with Mihile their revamp looks interesting.

Aran or Demon Avenger?


Aran, like their mobbing better and your pretty close to Beyond Blade.

Aran kmst changes


Yeah I don't understand that either, maybe they mean monsters won't get knocked back by FB/BB now. No idea on the damage reduction on BB, never heard of it.

Kmst 1.2.012


Shadowers Veil of Shadows cooldown got increased, darn I was looking forward to that 30sec cooldown.

Is there a point to use Meso Explosion?


Mainly just use to get rid of mesos from Meso Guard. But I'm getting to a point were I don't use Meso Guard now.

Beast tamer reset?


I used the sp reset on my BT, everything was reset.

why is shade considered good at bossing?


Dash also cancels skill animations, so makes it much easier to avoid damage reflect.

Revamps gtlt


Heard rumors of Aran and Evan. Hasn't been anything major out of kms yet summer wise. One thing I would want is stance in a earlier growth.

Classes with reliable stance?


Evan has 95% if i recall right.

What monsters drop Steely throwing knives?


Regular monster park, roids map especially if your using a big spider familiar

Maplestory is up


Summon skill damage still glitched.

So how about the back to back down time?


Don't mind the maitence, just hope this fix the summon skill damage glitches.

Which warrior class?


Just with Aran, their bossing move is Finishing Blow - Beyond Blade, which is nice bossing move but has a long animation... so Damage Reflect will be a pain. They need to give Aran a skill like the S

Snow White time

Wild Hunter

Was their any new jaguars in the KMS update?

Negativity on Revamped BaM

Battle Mage

The negatives far outweighs the positives for this revamp. Not sure why they turned Drain into a aura, it was fine as a buff. I was hoping for new blow animations with a better hitbox. Not even goi

Which class is the most underrated?


Wild Hunters, I think its fine class, nice party buff atleast.

Where to train


I didn't have much luck with RnJ at 130, so I after I got Element Expert, I just Normal Zak and Hilla, gained about 2 levels a day. Did try Horntail but that Seduce kept killing me. Tried DIPQ at 14

Making a Night Lord

Night Lord

Best place with a spider familiar, is Monster Park, not to be confused with Monster Park Extreme. Do the roids map, usually get a few stars of Steely and Hwabi for the 5 runs you can do per day.

Where can I farm Hwabis?


Best place I found was Monster Park at the Roids Maps. They drop Steely's commonly and Hwabi's uncommonly, with Spider Familiar.

Nw Prep Equips?


basically nothing, just 9th anniversary gear with luk stats and steely/hwabi stars to get me by. Not going to put anything to the class til I see if I like the playstyle.

New Classes in Maplestory


Hoping for Nova and Sengoku Thieves. Don't think anything is there, but the guy in Edlestein that has a chain on a axe, could be warrior class. (highly doubtful).

question about 3rd job DKs


Nope, they are going with the dark theme. I prefer the dragon theme, will miss the Dragon Roar animation.

Thoughts on the new Blaze Wizard


The only thing I didn't like was Flame buff only be activated by Orbital Flame.

When is the night walker revamp patch?


I could be reading too much into the events name, but Dark Lords of Darkness seems like a good chance which is the 6th, if its not, middle of the month then.

question about throwing stars


Monster Park roids map > They drop Steely and Hwabi... Steely being a common drop and Hwabi being uncommon drop. I got about 15 Steely's and 5 Hwabi's. I tried farming Ilbis's but they never

Will Ms1 Die When Ms2 Comes Out?


I'm more likely to gravitate to Everquest Next than Maplestory 2.

Dawn Warrior - Master of the Sword


Under Luna Stance with with Max Master of the Sword your damage is reduced to 80%... so stronger. With just Luna Stance your damage would be reduced to 55%.

Make a Night Lord or Night Walker?

Night Lord

Just need some bat shaped stars now.

Updated training guide?


My usual - 10-30 Edelstein Maps mainly Street Lights and Rock Munchers. 30-35 - Fairy Academy Theme 35-45 - Gold Beach Theme 45-49 Boars at Perion maps 49-50 Tots Free Level 50-55 Reina Strait Them

Unable to get on Ms


If your using Firefox, it recently had an update, should ask you if you want to allow Maplestory blah blah.

Which mage shall I pick?


I'm waiting for revamp Blaze Wizard before I commit to making a mage.

Which Class is best for link skill?


Demon Slayer has the Boss Damage Link skill. Demon Avenger has Damage% as Link Skill and has a 3% Boss Damage Card.

New Server for Maplestory?


I could only see them making a new server if designed with special rules... like a hard mode kind of deal, no scrolling, reduced exp/meso and so forth. A new normal server, no chance.

Any Arans still training?


192 at the moment, not training right now, my goal was 170 to get my first hyper attack.

Finding Steely throwing knives


Monster Park, Roids Map... mobs can drop Steelies and Hwabi's. If I recall right with big spider familiar I was getting about 3 steelies out of 5 runs of the monster park. Hwabi's were a bit more


Nice to know about Boomerang Step, faster and lowered the delay. One of my favorite skill animations.

Frozen Orb might be better than Blaster


Depends how long the glitch will stick around, right now similar skill are doing all the hits fast, like DA's bat move, Kaisers Wing beat, all doing their hits fast.

Wingbeat glitched?


Yeah think its a glitch, I know Demon Avenger bat move does all its hits at once and I/L Frozen Orb. Don't expect it to last.

Help New training spots? Rising heroes elite


Made a new char to try out how fast or slow low level training would go. Levels will vary as I use Mercedes Link Skill and Zero Card for exp mods. Using the World Map to find level ranges for mobs i

When are Bt and Zero coming back?


with KMS Zero came back right during or after Eunwol was released. That would be my best guess.

First Class/Job You Created on MapleStory?


Spearmen, pre bb. Loved the mobbing power as a Dragon Knight and Dragon Roar.

Nl vs Nw post revamp

Night Lord

NW only have Stardust and Darkness Omen. Have to try it when it comes out see if the bats bouncing from mob to mob will make training fast.

Ilbi throwing stars

Night Lord

Hwabi's can drop from Monster Park: Roids Map, along with Steelies being the more common drop of the two. Using a item drop familiar to speed up the process,can always sell the steelies you get.