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attack range for CRA


It depends on a few things, like what class you are, how much boss and pdr you have, how good your control is and which boss. But either way, fight them. You wouldn't know how far you are from so

What servers are still active


Basically just Bera and Reboot. A while ago, they made a world transfer event in hopes that they could redistribute the world populations and revive the dying worlds. It backfired because most of the

does anyone remember/ or know of the website


you're thinking of bannedstory which got shutdown. now people use

How hard is it to get gt1m range nowadays?


It's hard to say because range varies so much from class to class. But if I were to generalize, to get around a 2mil range, generally you're still looking at roughly 30%+ att and 10k - 12k s

Mesos Transfer


@meiguihua: Your storage is shared between all characters in the same account on the same world. You can put your mesos in the storage, and withdraw it on another character in same world and account.

Tyrant Absolab


Scenario #1: I'm going to assume your tyrants are clean. For CRA, I am going to assume just the set bonuses because I don't know how your CRA gear is scrolled. For tyrants, I'm going to

Daily basis


Muto. Some daily bosses. Dream breaker. Vanishing, if I'm not lazy. Monster Park, if I remember to. For now, crafting and stuff until I hit hit 100 dilligence (which I should in a few days). Legi

About world Mergerine


hi booky. i like your boss parades

Feedback for upgrading Basil?


I didn't read all of what @bleute said, but I agree with the begining of what he said. The main aspect of this site (outside of auctions) has been the forums. I look at the current and older ba

What classes are you taking this semester?


@cantstopme: It's an investment. And like every investment, especially expensives ones like higher education, you should take some time to think about if it's worth investing into and, if so

Tune Up Patch? Lets talk about it


@twopointonefour: Did they patch going to the cs to reset them?

Problems with studying


Well firstly, discipline. No one is going to change you but yourself so you have to make your own initiatives. If it's studying that's the problem, find a routine and an environment that wor

Job Key Setup

General Stealing my old SS from a different thread for my merc I swapped my Q <-> W since though. Skills with cooldowns go on either F8 or F12 as they're pretty ea

Currently at work wasting my life


So far worked through my 1st year as a software engineer (full stack). Not sure if I want to keep doing what I do. Not that I'm bad at what I do, but I have no ambition of getting better. The pay

how does one pass a drug test


@zoglinemusic weed takes like 3 - 4 weeks to get out of your body for urine tests. Unless you can swap with someone else's piss or take other drugs that masks thc (which depending on what drug te

Considering burning a ranged class but unsure


WA: Lots of damage, pretty good mobbing, decent mobility. Main cons are can't move during Song and a handful of buffs. It's oe of your better choices in the list and an overall good class.

Figuring out a Main


All of those classes have high DPS. Nightlords get a nerf coming in the beyond patch, but they do get another strong 5th job skill, so I can't say for sure if that's an overall nerf to the c

Mercedes Key Configuration

Mercedes I don't know either. You definitely want to keep Rising + Aerial next to each other for the combo.

Traced Split Edge versus primed?


Basically what @aeraxis said, but I disagree with his 9stat vs 4stat difference, the differences between primes and 15% is much closer. Most fafnir weapons are 160 - 170 att, so after scrolling and st

Maple Sys Requirements


Your processor will probably be fine, but I'd recommend at least 8gb of RAM. Windows will probably eat up around 1.5gb - 2.5gb just for running it's background tasks and what-not. Maple is f

Do you enjoy weed?


@antisenpai If you've never smoked before, I'd take half of whatever dosage of edible you were planning on taking. Dosages do depend who/what/where you're buying from, but in general, m

An Illegal Program Found in Root Abyss


I got it too and know a few other people who also got it. Idk if it's everyone or not.

How many noobs does it take to kill Cvellum?


With some node enhancements and decent control, you could probably solo vellum with around a 1m range to a 2m range depending from class to class, with 200% boss and 90% pdr. So I'd have to go w

Maplestory actually very boring now


@darksword: "5th job does not help out new players. In fact it punishes them for not having at least epic-unique potentials. I know quite a few players who cannot even complete the Vanishing Jour

Required range to solo cvellum in 4 minutes or less


When I played marksman, with a 1.6m range and I think level 12 snipe boost, the fastest I was able to kill vellum was around 16 minutes (I had around 243% boss, and my control was alright). It seems l

where do you get your news


NPR, BBC mostly. MSNBC for local / random stuff that isn't political based. ICIJ for panama papers stuff, but I've slowly been phasing away from that. Occasionally I'd watch Your World

Funding tips


So start off with getting your link skill characters to level 70 (and eventually 120). They provide a huge boost. Here's a good link to get you started on information about links: http://ayumilov

Hayato Zakum Quest Finder


Did you try talking to the El Nath people?



@streetfights: my bad, i meant to say nexon launcher. Also, is that where your maplestory currently lives in? Or was it created by the nexon launcher when you clicked download? Where do you normally



You can create a symbolic link in C:/Nexon/Library called 'maplestory' that points to your current maplestory directory. The next time you run maple via the nexon launcher, it will skip the

Where do tyrant equips come from?


@gekkegerrit: You need to farm for about 400 days to get the gloves via Kritias dailies, less if you do the raids. You're better off saving 30m everyday for a year and buying one clean from the F

What039s considered decent range?


Range varies from class to class, but I'd say if you have 8k+ stats, 180%+ boss and 80%+ pdr and 12%+ att/matt, you could probably solo basically every daily boss in the game and also chaos queen

Special beauty coupon


I've gotten the Dream Catcher in Green and Black.

I need laptop ideas help pleade


try this:

Potential needed for Ryude


@beefly: If you mean the Lucky Item Scroll, that only applies to Zero's weapons.

Did nexon screw up something?


If you're getting the runtime error, try updating this: If you're getting an NGS try deleting the contents of the BlackCipher

How Old Are You?


I'm 21, started playing when I was 10.

Range to solo few bosses


200k for Normal HT, but it might take like 10 - 15 minutes. 300k should be enough for pink bean, might take like 15 minutes. Watch for DR.

How you bossers hanging?


Unlike some of the other people in this thread, I don't kill all these bosses in seconds. Overall though, my time improved (mainly due to the 5th job SI making a world of a difference for my mark

Did they ever bring CWKPQ back?


@beefly: Rewards are alright imo. Specs + Face mask are nice. The reward stage also gives swiss cheese (+220 magic attack for 2 minutes), demon elixers & gelt chocolates (+140/+120 att for 8/10 mi

Are 144 hz monitors really worth??


You will have a smoother experience and better reaction time, but it's up to your budget whether it's worth it. Be warned, once you upgrade, you won't be able to go back. If you have a

Post Your Magnificent Soul Results


So I wasn't able to find any info on what the rate of magnificent soul coming from shards are, but I figure right now is a good time to figure out what the rate is. As of the sizzling event, magn

Would my laptop be able to launch maplestory?


@blissful: browse to the directory you found it in. Look for GameLauncher.exe. Right-click it, click 'Run As Administrator'. If that doesn't work, try Right-clicking Game Launcher. -&

How to increase drop rate?


Just a heads up, usable buffs + familiar don't stack. [In your case, Lucky Winter and Big Spider]. I also heard Lucky Winters are actually 2x drop, but the best I could find was a thread of tria

need ppl for CrossWorld PQ


I want the damage skin, but I'm level 218. :/

Reboot 2 and its ETA


@endurance: The lag during 2x is a problem in other servers too, it's not a reboot specific problem. I know a lot of people who rage quit during 2x.

Coming back to Maple for 5th Job


V-Coins: The coin event currency for the current event going on. To see what you can buy with them, go to the event hall and talk to the NPC to see if there's anything in the shop that you can us

Huge Sale


Buying/Spell Tracing 30% CRA Set


I see perfected un-potted ones in my world for 4b~5b. I definitely got lucky with mine, but mine ended at +7 for the bottom (ran out of money to get back and scroll the last 2 slots). In total, I use

Got rejected from my dream school


Life continued. A handful of my friends made that school I wanted to go to (we all were planning on going to that college together) and I ended up going to an alright school. Life moved on. We all gra