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why do people care if youre illegit


Agree 100%, I'll never understand it myself. Some people might have nothing important in their life so this becomes so important they care so much about insignificant things on it :) . It's a total wa

What is better percent dmg or percent atk


% damage is better for damage output.



Just stay f3 I'm going to alli up soon!

Should i move to Windia?


Imo, no especially not now!

Highest base att on Stonetooth?


[quote=Xeroko]107 is the absolute best, and you'll only be able to obtain one from Gachapon.[/quote] Its actually 108.

OMG this guy is driving UBER fast and playing maplestory


How is he playing? He's just sitting afk in FM lol.. people do that while doing all sorts of other shiz all the time =.= nothing special. He gets +1 badboi points though for driving so fast zoomzoom

whats the least populated server in maplstory?


Yellonde = least populated, Demethos = pretty dead but not as dead as Yellonde

should i quit maplestory?


[quote=TehRain]Quitting will be essential one day in your life. However if you enjoy the game, you will find your way to stand back up from your loss[/quote] ^ what she said ;D

2 lined czhelm or 3 lined scar helm?


if you NEED the hp/mp boost for sure hte czak. Also depends how much cubing you're going to be doing, if you'd be satisfied with just like 6% then I would stick with the czak also, if you want to go f

Warrior Accuracy Help Please


ya you're right nm i read a troll heh.. ppl on other forums claim they miss even at like 15x Quote : "I dont know what's going on, but I'm missing with even 1600 accuracy and being about level

Rex Earrings: to tablet or no?


i would just chaos them; even 0 stat rex earrings are worth something rather than having no rex earrings at all f3 plus 10 stat or whatever you might end up getting if you're very lucky isn't much in

Warrior Accuracy Help Please


Pretty sure Gallops level changed

Easiest way to make mesos with 50k nx


buy 10 atk wg's off mts and sell em in fm or sell at a higher ratio than you would get from the WGs if possible!

Help! I can't live without Maplestory!


wewewew perfek time to quit! now you can spend time with rl friends and family for x-mas, its win win!

Jaira the Jaguar isnt in gms?


[quote=brandonredx]hey guys i know this is off topic but what does SS mean?[/quote] It means screen shot; its basically a picture of maplestory in-game to show/record something (press scroll lock to

Guess who got hacked


Sounds like its... time to quit ^~^

Unique gold emerald earrings


I would put up for offers, see what you get and decide based on that. You might get an amazing offer and be able to buy or cube better ones.

what is a good screen capture program that doesnt lag


GameCam works best for me, way more customizable than Fraps and even has a smart record that records the best quality it can with minimal effects on game play/performance.

Horntail is getting dominated


Aran Body Pressure hackers, case closed :3 .

making a perfect 2handed wep?


Stonetooth for the win! ...or Night Raven's Wing if the DEX is a HUGE problem for you. (I'm a stonetooth user :D )

Big Foot Patrols


[quote=neyo296]deme guild nubbusters and gramsay but he is kinky and i like him[/quote] wow whut.. I hardly ever actually KS anyone :/ . I like you too though anyway f3. OT: Ya Demethus has it pret

is hortnail not working?


Errr ya I heard channel 14 for Chaos HT and normal HT is now channel 9 (at least it's channel 9 in Demethos). Wonder how Chaos HT is for us though seeing as how we only have 13 channel f3 .

575 million dollars!


Wow.. I knew they made quite a bit of money but that's a disgusting amount considering the ridiculously poor customer service we get -.-

Rate the person above you 1-10


[quote=ninjah0b0]lol this is demoralising omg put a shirt on D: 6/10 Edit: Above two.[/quote] Cute! 8.5/10 .... haters on me -.- 3/10 that's like you almost puked when you saw me :x

Anyone still hell banned?


The 21st is when they release the hell bans, Hime posted it in the Nexon Forums

What do you want for your end game weapon?


Perfect Stonetooth Sword :D

In a Fight, Who Would Win?


Hmmm ME :D