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BasilMarket is a great community of gamers. But in order to take part, you must abide by the following rules. Think of them as the laws of BasilMarket. If you break any of the rules, you will be suspended for a few days which means you can't post or partake in various other parts of the site.
Rule #1 - Attacking
Attacks on users or moderators, or comments made to incite an argument are not allowed. There is a difference between criticizing someone's ideas or actions, and outright attacking them. If you are caught using overly harsh or threatening language in comments or PMs, you will be jailed. If someone is attacking or provoking you, report the comment or PM and we will deal with it as soon as possible.
Rule #2 - Trolling & Spamming
Do not troll or spam. This includes but is not limited to:
• Making irrelevant, off topic posts or links
• Bumping (posting just to keep thread alive) / necroposting (posting in a really old thread just to revive it)
• Posting or PMing memes (rickroll, screamers, over 9000!), chain letters, ASCII art
• Posting the same thing in multiple topics
• Making parody threads
• Intentionally posting false/misleading information
Rule #3 - Inappropriate content
Comments or PMs that contain inappropriate content have no place on Basilmarket. Such content includes but is not limited to:
• Sexually explicit content
• Racism
• Hateful language
• Violence or violent language
• Hacking/Cheating/Glitching
• Quitting threads (site or game related)

Additionally, comments and PMs are automatically filtered for inappropriate words and links. Do not try to bypass the filter by misspelling words or masking letters. It does not change the intent. If you do not show restraint, you will be jailed.
Rule #4 - Illegal Activities
Discussions of activities that are illegal in the United States of America are strictly forbidden. These activities include but are not limited to:
• Private servers
• Illegal drug use
• Computer hacking
• Downloading or sharing files/commercial software for free without permission of the copyright owner
• Plagiarism
• Violating MapleStory Terms of Service
Rule #5 - Advertising
Talking about auctions, shops, listings, or other websites for the purpose of advertising is not allowed. Do not post or PM referral links. You are also not allowed to buy, sell, trade, give away, or ask for any of the following on the forums:
• Items
• Online currency
• Leech
• Characters
• Accounts for any MMO or online service
Rule #6 - Personal Information
You are not allowed to post personal information on BasilMarket. Personal information includes but is not limited to:
• Birthdays
• Legal Names
• Home addresses
• Phone numbers
• Email addresses or instant messenger id's

If you choose to disrespect someone's privacy you may be permanently banned from the site. Additionally, do not make topics asking for other users' personal information; these topics will be deleted. Practice basic internet safety.
Rule #7 - Ambiguous/Misleading titles, Misplaced threads
Title your threads appropriately so that it is obvious what the topic is. For price checks, please include the server and items (with stats) that you want a price for. Also, make sure to put the thread in the appropriate forum.
Rule #8 - False Player Details
It is your responsibility to keep your player details accurate. You are not allowed to impersonate other players; this includes using player names, player pics, and/or BasilID names that are not yours. You are also not allowed to intentionally falsify character information.
Rule #9 - Auction system fraud
Do not abuse the auction system. Do not create accounts or collude with friends in order to gain fake feedback, and do not make fake auctions or bids to manipulate the values of items. Depending on severity, those involved in committing auction system fraud may be jailed, have their accounts removed, or be permanently banned.
Rule #10 - Bypassing Jail
Bypassing Jail is not allowed. If you use another user's account to post, it will be jailed and/or deleted. If you create multiple accounts to post, they will all be deleted.
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