Kanna or Luminous? I like both of them but i dont wanna gear up 2 mages at the same time so which one should i pick? I enjoy lumi's lazy OP stand in one place hit the whole map with 1 skill power and ender is a pretty cool skill but the cooldown is annoying. I like kanna's voice acting and I also like their japanese theme + the skills look nice as well. The thing I like most about it is having kishin and the fact that haku's fan just inflates your range like crazy (even though a kanna with the same range as other classes would deal less damage I enjoy looking at a fat, inflated range) I like them both. Which would you pick? Help me out


Most Op classes and the most popular classes This is not a "what class should i play" thread. I just want to know what you all think are the most OP classes based on math, charts, experience, videos, or just your opinion for whatever reason you may have. Also, which classes do you tend to see the most in end game content (such as grinding at SDH, hellux, cra, etc) My opinion: I just came back recently so I'm a bit out of the loop but I'm guessing kaisers with ryudes, nightwalkers, zeros, and wild hunters are OP as of now. I tend to see a lot of night lords, night walkers, dark knights, and xenon.

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